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Time management & Interpersonal skills

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4 tips to beat and overcome procrastination – Time management & Interpersonal skills
Have you come across the question how soon can this be done? And your answer to that is not now – well that mean never. Delaying, putting off things, slacking, hiding from work or facing work only when you have no option is called procrastination. If you procrastinate too much, success is a long way off for you. In this session with Skillopedia you will learn few tips to overcome procrastination with great success.
1. Just take the first step –
You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. When you start to look too far, the task just seems to be impossible and you tend to give up at the very beginning. Focus on the first step, this will change your mental state of being resistant to being ” yes, I can do it” Moment you achieve success in your very first step you tend to be more enthusiastic towards your next step. So break your tasks into little steps.
2. Eat the frog first –
Start with the most difficult task first.
When you start with the hard jobs first the easy jobs take care of themselves. Most of us have the to do list – some tasks are easy while some are so difficult. We fear them too much – it’s time to face your fear, if you start your day by accomplishing the most difficult task first, the rest of the day would be so relaxing and easy.
3. Change your environment –
Different environments have different impact on your productivity. Look at your work desk, is it too relaxing and makes you want to snuggle in a blanket and sleep. Time to change that, your work environment should be very positive and inspiring that motivates you to work harder. Hang out with people who inspire you, who are positive enough to motivate you. You don’t need negative people around you.
4. Do not wait for the perfect time –
When you set your goals, you need to understand that there is no perfect time to start. Perfectionism is one of the biggest reasons for procrastination. One should re-clarify your goals. Often times we outgrow our goals so it is important for us to re-clarify it to ourselves. Also, share your goals with your friends and family workers so that the next time they meet they will ask about your accomplishments – this works as a reminder for you. It is a great way to keep yourself accountable to your plans.
Hope these tips help you to overcome procrastination. While strategizing and planning helps – taking the action is within you. So just get a grip and do it. This will help you to stop procrastinating.
Essential business skills required even in this digital age.
In this lesson from Skillopedia – The place to learn soft skills for the real world you are gonna learn about the basic business skills that are required even in this digital age. Of course we belong to the digital age; we are so dependent on our smart phones on our computers and on our tablets. We love them way too much. But does that mean all the things that you have learnt all these years, should be thrown away out of the window? Well definitely not. There are certain basic business skills that are required even in this digital age in order to craft your career and make it more meaningful and rewarding for you.
Develop good communication skills
The first and the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is communication skills. Well, of course communication skills are very important. And why is that? Computers will help you with all the information, with all the knowledge that you need in order to probably conduct a meeting or to present yourself. However these computers or your phones are not gonna do the talking for you, it’s you, it’s your ability to speak. It’s your ability to question. It’s your ability to present and listen to others. It’s time for you to work on these skills in order to come out as a very confident and effective person.
Improve relationship building
The second important skill that one requires is relationship building. Well, of course it is important for us to build and maintain good relations with the people that we work. For example, look at the importance that we give to our family members, to our children, to our parents, to our partners. Don’t you think equal importance should be given to your business family as well? Social media and email will help you to maintain a good relationship; however that feeling, that desire to keep in touch with people should come from within. You have to work in order to keep in touch with your bosses, with your co-workers, your suppliers, with your clients and so on. If you wanna come out as a very productive person and be happy with what you are doing, it’s important for you to build good relations.
Time management skills
Prioritizing your work, organizing your work and goal setting, these are the key factors to time management. Your phone will help you to set reminders for you, but it’s not gonna do the task for you. So it’s important for you to prioritize your work, what is important and then go ahead and perform that task well. This is the way you will come out as a very productive person; you will achieve success as soon as possible. If you don’t wanna be burdened with too much of work. Well, it’s time to manage and organize your time well, so please do keep in mind, because this is one of the most important skills that are required in the business world.
Work on your passion
You need to work on is your passion and determination. Passion and determination comes from within, that insane desire to do something productive. Yes it comes from within, your phone is not gonna knock at your door and tell you that, Hey! You need to be passionate about something; you need to be determined to achieve your goals. It’s you who has to work hard, you need to put in those efforts, you need to be diligent towards your goals. So in order to be successful and productive, effective and impress the world, go ahead and start living for yourself.
Be flexible and adaptable
And the last important thing that you need to keep in mind, when it comes to business skills is flexibility and adaptability. Well, technology is changing constantly. You have a product and like in another ten days you have another new product. So it’s important for you to adapt to these new things. You need to be open to new ideas. You are working with people who belong to different age groups, so even the thinking process is gonna differ. So wouldn’t it be important for you to be flexible enough and accept these ideas openly? Yes, so go ahead and be adaptable and flexible in this changing world.
Always remember that business was, is and will be all about people. So do not be dependent on these gadgets way too much, instead work on your business skills and you’ll be very successful one day. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel Skillopedia – The place to learn skills for the real world

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