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SMV & SAM in garments industry

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SMV & SAM is the very important term for garments industry. It is lit bit confusion but SMV & SAM are different things. Time is always valuable resource & important operations in apparel sector. It is involve with cost calculate of a garments. It is very crucial point trying to discover different methods to save this valuable time. The idea always is to find a fair time for each task to ensure a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work. According to save time and money, it is extremely important to first measure it. Hope, you are clear after this article.

Standard Minute Value or SMV

In garments industry SMV means “standard Minute Value” also known as standard time is the time that is allocated to an operation based on the motion study of the operation. It is the time a qualified operator takes for the operation. It is the standard or the best procedure & at the standard performance for each tasks.

How to calculate SMV:

Select synthetic data to be used. For example motion data as defined in General Sewing Data (GSD) or Predetermined Time Standard (PTS) codes or after thorough research.• Select the operation to be studied.• Observe the operation as a series of movements• Refer to the synthetic data for determining the Time Measurement Unit (TMU) values for all of the observed movements.• Convert TMU value to minutes.
We can assume that in the following

The TMU for an operation studied is 500 TMU.
Convert this into minutes (1 TMU = 0.0006 min).
The SMV for the operation = 0.30 min (500 TMU x 0.0006 min)

In garments industry SAM means “Standard allowed minute”. It is the mean how much time is allowed for a certain task to get done. SAM gives the operation’s allowed time, after adding in allowances like bundle allowance, machine allowance and personal allowance to the SMV value obtained for the operation. This SAM is at 100% efficiency and it needs to be further corrected with expected efficiency for target setting.

SAM = SMV + Allowance %
We can assume that in the following

The TMU for an operation studied is 500 TMU.
Convert this into minutes (1 TMU = 0.0006 min).
The SMV for the operation = 0.30 min (500 TMU x 0.0006 min)

The SMV of the operation was 0.30 minutes.
Assume the bundle allowance = 10%, which is=10% of 0.27= 0.03 min
Machine and personal allowance = 20%, which is= 20% of 0.27= 0.06 min
Adding the allowances to basic time we get, SAM = 0.30+ 0.03 + 0.06 =0.39 min

লেখক: Md.Mahbub-Ul Islam
সূত্র: নেট থেকে সংগৃহিত।
তারিখ: জুলাই ০২, ২০২১

অতিরিক্ত সংযোজন

How to Calculate Standard Allowed Minutes (SAM or SMV) in Garments Industry?
Standard Allowed Minute or Standard Minute Value (SAM or SMV) is an important factor in the garments manufacturing industry. The production rate can be calculated by using it. But Standard minutes (SAM or SMV) estimation is not a tough task that we have normally seemed. As its importance on the readymade garments industry, today I will present here the estimation method of SAM or SMV.

Calculation Method of Standard Minute (SAM or SMV) in Apparel Industry:
An industrial engineer should follow the below formula for calculating SAM or SMV.

SAM = (Basic minute + Bundle allowances + Machine and Personal allowances)…… (1)

Normally bundle allowances should be added 10% with basic time and Machine and Personal allowances added 20% with basic time.

The main thing here, the determination of “Basic minute”. It can be done in two ways. Both ways have discussed in this article.

In this case, SAM or SMV Calculation can be done by using synthetic data. At first, an industrial engineer has to fix an operation, for which he wants to estimate SAM or SMV.

Here, he should stand near the m/c operator and follow every working procedure for the selected operation. He should note all the activities done by the operator (these activities are called synthetic data collection). When all the activities of the operator will complete, then the industrial engineer should follow the same activities of the operator again to check the noted activities that the note is ok or not.

Now, the industrial engineer should list down all the activities of operators sequentially and refer to the synthetic data for TMU (time measuring unit) values. Suppose, the industrial engineer got TMU value for that operation is 450. Now he should convert total TMU into minutes, where (1TMU= 0.0006 minutes). So for 450TMU= (450 × 0.0006) = 0.27minute. This minute is termed as Basic time.

So, now from equation-01, we get,

SAM or SMV = (Basic minute + Bundle allowances + Machine and Personal allowances)
= 0.27 + (0.27 × 10%) + (0.27 × 20%)
= 0.27 + 0.027 + 0.054
= 0.351minute

So, SAM or SMV value for that operation is 0.351 minute.

In this case, SAM or SMV Calculation can be done by using a time study.

Here, the industrial engineer should take a stopwatch and stands near the m/c operator. Capture cycle time for that operation (that he chose early). Cycle time means “total time needed to complete full operation”. He should be done this process consecutively at least 5 cycle times. Then he should calculate the mean cycle time by adding 5 cycle times and divided those by 5. Finally, the industrial engineer gets the cycle time here. (Let, cycle time here 0.50) Now, he should convert cycle times into basic time by multiplying with “performance rating”.

So, Basic time = Cycle time × Performance rating ………………. (2)

Performance rating:
Performance rating is related to the m/c operator. At which speed, the operator completed his duty. It’s determined by an industrial engineer in the clothing industry.

Let, the operator performance rating was- 70%.

So, from equation (2), we get,
Basic time = 0.5 × 70% [Cycle time= 0.5]
= 0.35

So, basic time= 0.35

By using equation- (1), now we get,
SAM or SMV = (Basic minute + Bundle allowances + Machine and Personal allowances)
= 0.35 + (0.35 × 10%) + (0.35 × 20%)
= 0.35+ 0.035 + 0.07
= 0.46 minute

So, SAM or SMV for that operation stands at 0.46 minutes.

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